Some recent testimonials from schools using our program:

​"I cannot say enough about this program and the value it had for our students.  Since we opened our school in 2008, our emphasis has been on dealing with the social/emotional aspect of our students, building up their self-esteem, as well as their academics.  We are committed to fulfilling this mission by enhancing each child's self concept through academic and social growth, thereby, preparing our children to function as responsible citizens in a rapidly changing world.  The 3-D Literacy program that was offered to our students this semester completely connects with our mission and fostered each child's self-confidence and instilled in them the courage to do something they have never tried before. "
--Liz Rodriguez, M.S., Ed., LMHCP
  School Counselor   P.S. 65

"The 3-D Literacy program helps our students bring words to life.  The techniques used by the teaching artists kept the students engaged,thinking and interactive with one another socially and emotionally, and excited to come to school.  Teachers said this program brought out talents in students that they were not aware of.  In addition, students’ knowledge of vocabulary increased as did their reading levels. This program is an asset to the growth of our students in reading and vocabulary because students are taught through drama, use different parts of their brains, and access their intelligence in an alternative and fun way."
--Tracy Wright, Principal PS 39

"I have seen great progress in my students this year. They were so engaged during literacy activities it resulted in an increase in Teachers College scores. I have also noticed their self-esteem and confidence have improved. This program has made a great difference and I look forward to working with Sundog again next year."
--Teacher, PS 44

"3-D Literacy empowered our students to have confidence in their abilities to break apart a text, focusing on the vocabulary being used, the sentence structure, and the underlying message. It helped give students the confidence they need to perform in front of a large crowd and speak clearly and smoothly so that everyone can understand them. 3-D Literacy is a program that enhances all components of the ELA instruction block."
--Teacher, PS 41

"The 3-D Literacy program provided our students with a unique opportunity to develop literacy skills using different modalities.They developed confidence in their own abilities, practiced working as part of a team, used language to effectively express their ideas and improved their ability to focus. These skills translated into improved reading and writing performance."
--Linda Woolverton, Principal, PS 31

"Our students benefited greatly from 3-D Literacy--academically, socially and behaviorally. More astounding is that one student with Autism Spectrum Disorder, went up four reading levels during the 15 weeks of the program. She participated throughout and was part of the culminating performance. Her mother cried tears of joy when she saw this."
--Cynthia Leonard, Assistant Principal, PS 44

​"I didn't know what some of the words meant but when we did the shadow acting it really helped me because I'm not really good at reading."      

 --Kareem  ​Student at P.S. 39